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The day your roof is installed is the most important day of your homes life. Your roof keeps out weather, pest, and other unwanted debris. An improperly installed roof could be detrimental to your home.

Our team of Certified installers can help select and install the roof that is right for you. Our roof option include: Owens Corning, CertainTeed, GAF, Master Rib Metal, Stand and seam metal, Natural Slate, Traditional tile Roof, Architectural Roof.

−Licensed Professionals

−Quick & Optimized Installation

−15 Year Guarantee

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Cheaper isn't always better...

when it comes to roof installation

  • Other companies don’t always install underlayment: leads to shorter roof life
  • Don’t install ice and water shield: causes rotting of sheeting at gutter line along with leaks into your home
  • Don’t install drip edge: leads to rotting facia board
  • The use of cheaper materials: leads to roofs lasting 10 to 15 years vs our 50 year
  • They do not replace flashing around chimneys or sidewalls: leads to leaks around the non flashed areas and interior damages
  • They install chimney flashing incorrectly by not growing the chimneys correctly which leads to costly repairs and interior damages
  • Nail shingles using only 3-4 nails: results in shingle loss during high winds
  • Don’t install a perimeter starter shingle: no overhang protection
  • Don’t clean gutters after a project: leaves debris along with natural debris to clog up gutters and impact water removal
  • Don’t clean the grounds: leaving debris and nails behind

What We Do:


Synthetic underlayment is installed on every roof:

Owens Corning ProArmor

Titanium UDL

Atlas Summit 60

Rhino roof U20

GAF felt buster

Ice and Water Shield

Is standard at all gutter lines, valleys, and around all chimneys:

Owens Corning weather lock

Atlas Weather Master

GAF weather watch

All roofs come standard with:

-ridge vent and pro-cut ridge cap shingles

-new drip edge install

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