Roof Repair

You might assume a roof needs attention only when it’s damaged or leaking. The reality is that proper maintenance may help prevent that damage. It’s as simple as doing some of your own roof upkeep, including simple inspections and gutter maintenance. Modern Day Roofing offers 24/7 roof repair emergency repairs. Missing shingles, leaking skylights, flashing chimneys and vent boots. When you have a section of your roof that is leaking or missing shingles Modern Day Roofing will come out and repair that section for you using the same roofing system we use with a full replacement. That means that you get the layers of protection added to this area of your roof.

  • 24/7 Service
  • Fast Repair
  • Written Report

Modern Day Roofing offers same day pricing and repairing for emergency. For non-emergency repairs we will schedule a time that works best for you for our crews to come out and repair the area. Missing Shingles, Leaking Skylights, Roof Leaks, flashing around the boots and chimney, replacing pipe boots, etc.

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Managing Roof Damage After a storm

The chance of roof damage goes way up following a severe storm. Be sure to call in a professional roofer if you see any of these signs.

  • Water inside your home (tarp your roof, then call your insurance company)
  • Clogs or damage to gutters and downspouts
  • Streaked or stained shingle
  • Water stains, bubbled paint or wetness on interior walls and ceilings
  • Light showing through the attic roof
  • Missing, cracked, torn, or bald shingles
  • Excess wear around roof penetrations like vents, pipes, and chimneys
  • Shingle granules in gutters and downspouts

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