Roof Replacement

Modern Day Roofing is one of the only roofers in the area that will install a Catch All Net. This is a net that is installed around the entire perimeter of the home. Protecting Gutters and grounds from any and all debris. The next is installed the day of replacement and taken down upon completion of the job.

Tear Off

Modern Day Roofing has replaced close to 600 roofs. During the process of the replacement, we will tear off the existing roof down to the deck boards. An inspection of the deck boards will be performed and rotten boards will be replaced prior to the next steps in the replacement.

  • Catch All Protects Landscape
  • Inspect Deck Boards
  • Full Clean Up

Once the existing roof is torn off and the boards that need replaced are replaced.

Lifetime Roofing System

We partnered up with the top roofing manufacturing company in the U.S. to provide the best warranty on the market. When you have A complete roofing system installed it is back by a 25 year labor warranty and a 50 year manufactures warranty.

  • 25 Year Labor Warranty
  • 50 Year Manufactures Warranty
  • Rest Easy Knowing Your Covered

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Trusted Experience

Not all roofing systems are equal. The GAF Roofing System is designed to provide lasting comfort, beauty, and protection for years to come. And, as a Southwest Virginia Roof Repair contractor that is Master Elite Certified with GAF you know you are getting the best quality installation for your money. Here is a breakdown of the different components of the best roofing system on the planet.

Leak Barrier

The first layer is the Leak Barrier. This is a peel and stick underlayment that is installed around the perimeter of the roof and along the valleys. This Leak Barrier is a GAF component part of a Shingles plus five. This Leak Barrier protects the perimeter of the roof from leaks and ice dams. Water that sits at the end of the roof before running off into the gutters.

Deck Protection

The next step is installing FeltBuster. This is a synthetic underlayment that is installed over the entire roof protecting the roof deck. This another part of the Shingles plus five that guarantees you a warranty with GAF.  

Starter Stripes/Drip Edge

Modern Day Roofing crew will install Drip Edge. This is a piece of metal installed around the eaves of the roof. This Drip Edge will protect from water running over and rotting the boards that are exposed. Modern Day Roofing is one of the only roofing companies that install this without an extra charge. Drip Edge is replaced with every Roof Replacement.

A good way to understand the need of drip edge. Have you ever tried to pour coffee from a coffee mug into anther container? It doesn’t work very well, most of the coffee runs along the lip of the mug and down to the counter. Same thing happens when it rains and water runs off your roof. Drip edge protects the boards under the eaves giving them a longer life.

Lifetime Shingles

From the Drip Edge to the Pro-Start Starter Shingles. This shingle is designed to protect against blow-offs. The Starter strip is installed around the perimeter of the roof. Making a straight line for the first set of Shingles to start.

From the starters to the Shingles. Modern Day Roofing uses HDZ Timberline Shingles (See Products for more information on HDZ Timberline) These Shingles are installed in a fashion that not only looks great but are lined to protect from blow-offs and improper installation.

Cobra Attic Ventilation

Helps eliminate excess heat and condensation from your attic that can increase your energy bills, create premature peeling of interior paint and wallpaper, and even harm your health. Efficient attic ventilation promotes energy efficiency by assisting to decrease the stress on your air conditioner during the summer, and also lessen the risk of ice dam development on your roof. Exhaust ventilation enables hot, humid air to escape at and near the roof ridges.

Ridge Cap Shingles

Over the ridge vent the Seal A Ridge Cap Shingles are installed. These are shingles that are made to bend to cover the vent without disrupting the purpose of the Cobra Ridge Vent. These are not 3-tab shingles that have been cut.

This completes the Roof Replacement Process. This a roofing system made to last! A system with Layers of protection to guarantee your home peace of mind.

The same system is used with other roofing types such as MasterRib Metal, Panel-Loc Metal, and Standing Seam, instead of installing Shingles, the other roofing materials will be installed. Still providing you with layers of protection and peace of mind.

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